My visit to Wild Arctic at SeaWorld Orlando - 7/23/14

some thoughts:

- no music, but so many people talking and echoing that there might as well be

- no natural light, which i am sure the animals just love

- why do you even need a polar exhibit in a florida park?

- no, seriously, there is no way this can be cold enough for the animals not fully aquatic, that polar bear had dirty brown fur like Arturo in Argentina (though thankfully looked fed and less pathetic)! this is not something you see in polar bears housed in other climates

- those exhibits wouldn’t even pass muster in zoo tycoon for size, let alone in real life with very large animals

thank you for this video! i barely remember my visit here

You should see what the back pens looked like for the polar bears (idk if they have since been redone, last I went was in ‘07). It’s about the size of a large bedroom and it’s all concrete with a basic pool just big enough for the bear to get in and get out. They used to rotate the bears on display daily, so while one was in the (still not impressive) front display cage, the other was in the back in a literal concrete box.

That makes it even more disgusting! They have more than one?? And they rotate them for display?? What the hell? SW is horrible to animals in general OMG.



via Láki Tours:

25/07/2014: Dancing orcas! Today will always be known as spy hop day. After leaving on our afternoon trip and seeing a Minke whale not far out of Ólafsvík we had a report from a fisherman that he had seen orcas. We headed towards them and luckily they were also moving towards us. We found what we believe was 2 groups of orcas, around 15 individuals, and they were clearly in a social mood. At first we were excited to see one whale spy hop, a behaviour that we don’t see every day. And then, before our eyes there was spy hop after spy hop. Up to 4 whales coming or going out of the water at any one time. It was astounding. We don’t know exactly why the whales do this but it was clearly a sociable gathering of orcas. They were often very close to each other when they came out. Captain Gisli had never seen this many spy hops before and even he had his camera phone out! Judith (Tour guide)