If CMA sticks to their promise to use the revenue from Dolphin Tale 1 & 2 to expand the exhibits and end dolphin shows altogether, they will be setting the best example of a cetacean-holding facility out there. I’m not 100% sure about Nicholas or Hope, but we all know Winter can never be returned to the wild, so CMA is the only place she can be. Since the animals under their care cannot be returned to the wild, it’s best for them to make their lives in captivity as comfortable and natural as possible. I hope to God this happens for the animals’ sake.



Wildlife photographer Dafna Ben Nun, braved temperatures of minus 2 degrees to capture these beautiful creatures in the White Sea, north-west Russia. She even got kisses! She spent almost an hour in the water with the two female whales who were very curious and funny. Beluga whales are currently critically endangered in Alaska and numbers has been severely reduced over the last several decades [Article] [Video]


Anonymous asked:

You know Seaworld does do rescue programs and does help out smaller animals like turtles and seals. I'm not condoning them capturing and keeping animals in captivity but they have done some good. Just throwing it out there

fightingforwhales answered:

One good action does not negate a bad one.


Anon I think you’ll find there would be so many anti caps, including me, who would joyfully support Seaworld if they phased out captive display of any animals not suitable for captivity, and converted to a complete rescue, rehab, and release facility.

God I would love that.